Tuesday, October 11, 2016

GeriPal Podcast Episode 1: Bed Alarms

Welcome to GeriPal's innagural podcast episode titled "Bed Alarms".   This is the first in a series of podcasts on all things geriatrics, hospice, and palliative care.   So check it out at the link below (or click here):

With each of these podcasts we will also publish a GeriPal post with citations of the articles we mentioned during the discussion.   For this episode, we discussed the following articles:


by: Eric Widera (@ewidera), Alex Smith (@alexsmithmd), and Ken Covinsky (@geri_doc)

Note: GeriPal Podcasts can be found on:


Michael said...

Awesome job, gents!

So much "assessment" doesn't actually lead to anything but data overload and burnout for people.

Christian Sinclair said...

I can't tell you how excited I am this is here! Been hoping we could get more podcasts on these topics! I can't wait to listen when I drive home tonight!

Andre Catrice said...

Great conversation, should be compulsory listening for hospital execs and many clinicians sadly. 6Pack study has challenged standard hospital practices - interventions are not going to work if hospital care continues to restrict older people's movement and reinforce their sick role. I think it has something to do with individualising care and not blandly enforcing interventions on everyone. If interested in hospital assessments for older people and its relation to interventions to reduce adverse outcomes you may be interested in: .