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Do Nurses Die Differently: A Podcast with Julie Bynum

On this weeks podcast we talk to Julie Bynum on the question "Do Nurses Die Differently?" based on her recent publication in JAGS titled "Serious Illness and End-of-Life Treatments for Nurses Compared with the General Population." Julie is a Professor of Geriatric and Palliative Medicine at the University of Michigan, and Geriatric Center Research Scientist at the Institute of Gerontology, as well as a deputy editor at the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

Overall, Julie's study found small differences in end of life care as seen in the chart below for both dementia and CHF:  

One can think of these numbers as so small of a difference that there really isn't a difference.   With that said, my favorite part of this interview is Julie's take on this difference, which is that while the difference is small, there is a difference ("There is a signal!").  This means "I know it can be different, because it is different." 

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Patient Priorities Care: Podcast with Mary Tinetti

We have had some amazing guests on our Podcast.  True luminaries in geriatrics and palliative care. This week we are fortunate to be joined by none other than Mary Tinetti, MD, to talk about her recent JAMA Internal Medicine trial of Patient Priorities Care.

In this study of older adults with multiple chronic conditions, patients are guided through a process of identifying their health priorities and objectives, and this information is communicated to their primary care physicians.  The trail resulted in more medications discontinued, fewer self-managment and diagnostic tests, and less report of treatment burden.  This podcast builds on our prior podcast on this topic with Aanand Naik (awesome song choice, Lumineers' Gun Song).

We talk with Mary Tinetti about what exactly Patient Priorities Care is, how it differs from geriatrics and palliative care (or does it?), and how to disseminate this program widely (hint: start by going to their amazing website).

And...ah...Mary made me s…

The 100th GeriPal Podcast Special - It's a Celebration

On today's podcast we take a moment to celebrate 100 episodes of the GeriPal podcast.  Yes, 100 episodes that have covered everything from cranberry juice for UTIs to medical aid in dying.
In this episode, Anne Kelly, Lynn Flint and Ken Convinsky lead us down memory lane, asking Alex and me hard hitting questions about the birth of the podcast, our favorite episodes, and our most memorable moments.   We also take time to listen to the feedback that we received from our call in listener line (929-GeriPal) and maybe, just maybe, a song is sung to celebrate the occasion.  
Lastly, we also have two very special thank you's.  First is to Archstone foundation, who just became GeriPal's first sponsor!   It's really is an honor to be backed by such a wonderful organization with a mission so aligned with our podcast.  We also want to thank all of our listeners for your support and encouragement.  It is really touching every time we hear some feedback about our shows and we lo…