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After intubation in the ED, 33% die in hospital: GeriPal Podcast with Kei Ouchi

Blue - survive and return home; Yellow - survive and discharge to nursing home;  Red - die in the hospital. In this weeks GeriPal/JAGS Podcast we talked witk Kei Ouchi, an emergency medicine physician, internist, and researcher at the Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston.  We recorded this podcast in the hallways of the annual meeting.  We talked about outcomes following intubation in the emergency department . Kei published a paper in JAGS that is notable for several things, but perhaps most of all for the innovative use of color imagery to convey a message.  The image in the @AGSJournal tweet above is from Dr. Ouchi's article - this tweet went viral by the way - and notice what it does: (1) convey the main message that outcomes are worse with advancing age, and are not good in general overall; (2) grab your attention and make you want to learn more.   Kei is very thoughtful about how these data should be used - not on the spot in the ED,

Should Concept of the "The Good Death" Be Buried? A Podcast with VJ Periyakoil

On this week's podcast, we talk with the authors of a Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (JAGS) article titled Should We Bury “The Good Death " ?  As luck may have it, one of the authors is co-host Alex Smith, and the other is a leader in geriatrics and palliative care, VJ Periyakoil.   Alex and VJ's critique of the ‘good death’ was published alongside a  paired commentary from Age and Ageing from the British Geriatrics Society. So listen in and check out these two great articles: Should We Bury “The Good Death”? JAGS 2018 Reappraising ‘the good death’ for populations in the age of ageing.  Age and Ageing 2018 Listen to GeriPal Podcasts on: iTunes  Google Play Music Soundcloud Stitcher   ------ Transcript Eric: Welcome to the GeriPal Podcast. This is Eric Widera. Alex: This is Alex Smith. Eric: And, we have another host with us today, Lynn Flint. Lynn: Hello. Eric: And Alex, who is our guest? Alex: Today we have VJ Periyako