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Is Suicide Ever Rational? A Podcast with Meera Balasubramaniam

There is a lot of discussion about the right to die.   Although most of these have to do with Physician Assisted Death (PAD).   What about in those who are not dying but express a dire to end their lives in the absence of a diagnosable mental illness?    Do they have the same right?    Well, on today's podcast we are going to step into this tricky topic with our guest, Dr. Meera Balasubramaniam, a Geriatric Psychiatrist from NYU. Meera wrote a paper for JAGS titled " Rational Suicide in Elderly Adults: A Clinician's Perspective ".  We talk with Meera about her article, including how she would define rational suicide,  how can we help best explore these thoughts that patients consider rational, and how society and baby boomers are changing the way we think about this.   We also dive into some other interesting topics include agism.   I really love this quote from Meera, so I'll post it here, but for the full transcript read below or listen to the podcast

Integrating Palliative Care in the Emergency Department with David Wang

This is the last in our series of GeriPal podcasts on Geriatrics and Palliative Care in the Emergency Department.  In this episode we talk with David Wang, an emergency medicine and palliative medicine physician and director of palliative medicine services at Scripps Health in San Diego. We talked with David about how palliative care can join forces with the emergency department to improve care for the serious ill.  This conversation was motivated in part by a recent expert consensus statement on key knowledge and skills standards about hospice and palliative medicine for emergency medicine providers.  What should the core training be?  How do emergency providers feel about palliative care?  How can palliative care services that are typically available bankers hours work with the emergency department, open 24-7? Key Excerpts: Actually, with the American Academy of Emergency Medicine, we did an internal assessment of our 3,000 or so emergency physicians. What we found was the

Elder Abuse and the Role of Emergency Medical Services (#EMS)

On todays podcast, we will be talking with Brooke Namboodri and we have Tim Platts-Mills from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill about their  new article in the Journal of American Geriatric Society (JAGS) on " Elder abuse identification in the prehospital setting, an examination of state EMS protocols ."  We talk with Brooke and Tim about the state of EMS protocols in the US and how often the mention elder abuse in them (spoiler alert: not very often), how this compares to mentions of child abuse, the role EMS should play in elder abuse identification and management, and the role of potential screening tools for elder abuse. Listen to GeriPal Podcasts on: iTunes  Google Play Music Soundcloud Stitcher   Transcript: Eric : Welcome to the GeriPal Podcast, this is Eric Widera . Alex : This is Alex Smith. Eric : And Alex, and who do you ... ahem, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Alex : Blah, blah. Who do you have ... Eric : So Alex, who d