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Effect of Palliative Care in ICUs: Podcast with May Hua

In this week's GeriPal podcast we talk with May Hua, an anesthesiologist, critical care physician, and researcher from Columbia (in NY, not the country).   We've had a number of podcasts and blog posts about palliative care in the ICU:

Bill Ehlenback on primary palliative care in the ICUJessica Zitter on palliative care in the ICUDoug White on a nurse-led communication intervention in the ICU
May Hua's study addresses the still unanswered question - do specialized palliative care consults in the ICU do anything?  She looked a number of outcomes comparing ICU patients in hospitals with and without palliative care consults.  While most outcomes were similar, rates of hospice use were higher in hospitals with palliative care teams.   

One issue Eric raises toward the end deserves highlighting.  We know of no trial demonstrating the effect of cardiology, endocrinology, or gastroenterology consults in the ICU.  Why do we feel compelled to study and prove the effect of palliative c…