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Multimorbidity - Quantifying It's Impact on Mental and Physical Health: A podcast with Melissa Wei

On today's podcast we talk with one of the national experts on multimorbidity, Melissa Wei.   Dr. Wei is an Assistant Professor and physician researcher at the University of Michigan.   In addition to destroying the lyrics to Bohemian rhapsody, we talk to Dr. Wei about how we should conceptualize multi morbidity, it's impact on older adults, and about her recent JAGS publication titled "Multimorbidity and Mental Health-Related Quality of Lifeand Risk of Completed Suicide."

We also go a little deeper into a measure of multimorbidity that Melissa created, the Multimorbidity Weighted Index (MWI) that weights diseases to patient reported physical functioning.  The MWI is associated with physical and cognitive function and mortality.  If you listen to the podcast, you'll notice that we also mention ePrognosis.  That's because Melissa's Multimorbidity-Weighted Index can now be found on the site (

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