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Improving Advance Care Planning for Latinos with Cancer: A Podcast with Fischer and Fink

In this week's GeriPal podcast we talk with Stacy Fischer, MD and Regina Fink, RN, PhD, both from the University of Colorado, about a lay health navigator intervention to improve advance care planning with Latinos with advanced cancer.  The issue of lay health navigators raises several issues that we discuss, including: What is a lay health navigator? What do they do?  How are they trained? What do lay health navigators offer that specialized palliative care doesn't?  Are they replacing us? What makes the health navigator intervention particularly appropriate for Latinos and rural individuals?  For advance care planning? Eric and I had fun singing in French (yes French, not Spanish, listen to the podcast to learn why). Enjoy! -@AlexSmithMD    You can also find us on   Youtube !   Listen to GeriPal Podcasts on: iTunes  Google Play Music Soundcloud Stitcher Transcript Eric: Welcome to the GeriPal podcast. This is Eric Widera. Alex:

Practical Advice for the End of Life: A Podcast with BJ Miller

This week we talk with BJ Miller, hospice and palliative care physician, public speaker, and now author with Shoshana Berger of the book " A Beginner's Guide to the End ."  BJ has also founded a palliative care consulting company, Mettle Health .   As we note on the podcast, BJ is about as close as we get to a celebrity in Hospice and Palliative Care.  His TED Talk " What Really Matters at the End of Life " has been viewed more than 9 million times.  As we discuss on the Podcast, this has changed BJ's life, and he spends most of his working time engaged in public speaking, being the public "face" of the hospice and palliative care movement. The book he and Berger wrote is filled to the brim with practical advice.  I mean, nuts and bolts practical advice.  Things like: How to clean out not only your emotional house but your physical house (turns out there are services for that!) Posting about your illness on social media (should yo