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Guardianship and End-of-Life Decision Making: A Podcast with Andy Cohen and Liz Dzeng

  Surrogate decision‐making around life-sustaining treatments in the hospital even in the best of circumstances is hard. It’s maybe even harder when caring for those who are conserved or have a professional guardian. The conservator may not have known the patient prior to them losing capacity, they may not know their values or goals that can help guide decisions, and they may be restricted by state statutes on what decisions they can make without getting a judge's approval. The prevailing wisdom is all of the barriers to decision making while under guardianship likely leads to delays in decision making or one that errs on choosing high‐intensity treatment even if it is unlikely to benefit the patient. But is that really the case?    On today's podcast, we talk with Andy Cohn, lead author of a recent Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (JAGS) paper titled “ Guardianship and End‐of‐Life Care for Veterans with Dementia in Nursing Homes ” and Liz Dzeng, the lead author of t

Caregiving Boot Camp: Podcast with Zaldy Tan

  “Diagnose and adios.” That’s the sad phrase that I’ve heard quoted more than once, representing caregivers' sentiment of what it’s like to be told by a clinician that your loved one has dementia. This week we talked with Zaldy Tan, Geriatrician and Director of the Memory and Aging program at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles.  With David Reuben at UCLA and others working LA realized that current caregiver training programs were lacking.  Caregivers for people with dementia are stressed, short on time, and thirsty for high impact information and skills training that can be delivered efficiently.  To meet this need they launched a new caregiver “bootcamp” 1-day training (with the help of Archstone Foundation which also funds GeriPal).  We cover many topics, including dissemination of the bootcamp to Spanish-speaking caregivers, converting to video boot camp during COVID, and ways you can partner with them to create your own boot camp. Listen to the podcast to learn more!   (And “Remembe

Hearing Difficulty in the COVID-19 Era - Survey

Dear GeriPal community,  We are concerned about hearing and communication difficulties among patients during this time of the coronavirus pandemic and increased use of personal protective equipment (PPE).  We created a survey to begin to understand the issues that you are facing. With this information, we intend to advocate for better policies and resources to overcome barriers and obstacles for those with hearing difficulty in healthcare settings.  We invite you to take our anonymous Qualtrics® survey which will take about 8-10 minutes to complete.  Click to access the Qualtrics survey  Sincerely,  UCSF Hearing Loss Awareness Workgroup Sasha S. Binford, RN, MS, PhD, AGCNS-BC, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing  Irene Cole, RN, PhD, COS-C, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing  James Deardorff, MD, Geriatrics Fellow  Todd James, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine  Megan Rathfon, RN, MA, MSN, AGNP-BC, Geriatrics ACE Coordinator  Stephanie Rennke, MD, Professor of Medicine  Margare

Driving a Cultural Shift in the End Of Life Experience: A Podcast with Shoshana Ungerleider

  What does it mean to create a cultural shift to the end of life experience?  Is it even possible?  How do you even start something like that?   On today's podcast, we talk to Shoshana Ungerleider about her experience making that change.  Shoshana is one of those amazing advocates for palliative and end of life care.  She started the Ungerleider Palliative Care Education Fund to support innovative programs that further palliative care education.  She is Executive Producer of the Academy Award-nominated end of life documentaries, Extremis and Netflix’s End Game.  Oh yeah.  She also started End Well back in 2017 which brought together people from all different backgrounds and professions with a goal to talk about end of life care.    This year she is taking the conference virtual with " Take 10 " on December 10th.  Take 10 brings names like Maria Shriver, Taraji P. Henson, Andy Cohen, Justin Baldoni, and Atul Gawande to speak about issues within palliative care, caregivin