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We are doing our best to talk with individuals on the front lines of the COVID pandemic.   Here are some links to our most recent podcasts focused on COVID:
  1. Covid19: Podcast with Lona Mody and John Mills We also discuss the following resources for communication in this podcast
  2. Rationing Life Saving Treatments in the Setting of COVID Pandemics: A Podcast with Doug White and James Frank
  3. Palliative care on the front lines of COVID: Podcast with Darrell Owens
  4. COVID in New York - and on the Front Lines: Podcast with Cynthia Pan
  5. COVID in New York 2: Podcast with Craig Blinderman, Shunichi Nakagawa, and Ana Berlin
  6. COVID in New York 3: Podcast with Audrey Chun and Sheila Barton
  7. COVID in Long Term Care: Podcast with Jim Wright and David Grabowski 
  8. How are hospices responding to the COVID pandemic? Podcast with Kai Romero and Todd Cote
  9. Therapeutic Presence in the Time of COVID: Podcast with Keri Brenner and Dani Chammas
  10. The State of COVID19 in Boston: Podcast with Zara Cooper, Rachelle Bernacki, and Ricky Leiter
  11. Life Right After the Surge: A Podcast with NYU Clinicians Ab Brody and Audrey Tan
  12. Love Letter to Mount Sinai
  13. The Outsized Impact of COVID in Nursing Homes & in Dementia: Guests Kathleen Unroe and Ellen Kaehr
  14. What is Emotional PPE? Podcast with Dani Chammas
  15. Should Age be Used To Ration Scarce Resources? Podcast with Tim Farrell and Doug White
  16. COVID19 in Prisons: Podcast with Brie Williams, Adnan Khan, & Eric Maserati-E Abercrombie
  17. Ramping up Tele-GeriPal in a Pandemic: Claire Ankuda, Chris Woodrell, Ashwin Kotwal, and Lynn Flint
  18. Hospital-Based Nurses Help Mitigate COVID-19 in Nursing Homes
  19. Rationing of Scarce COVID-19 Drug Treatments: A Podcast with Drs. DeJong, Chen, and White
  20. Outsized Impact of COVID19 on Minority Communities: Podcast with Monica Peek and Alicia Fernandez 
  21. Communication Skills in a time of Crises: A Podcast with VitalTalk Faculty Drs. Back and Anderson
  22. Ageism in the Time of COVID: Podcast with Louise Aronson
  23. The Perfect Storm of COVID‐19 in Nursing Homes: A Podcast with Joe Ouslander
  24. Importance of Function in COVID Prognosis: Podcast with Orestis Panagiotou, Elizabeth White, and Marlon Aliberti
  25. COVID Vaccine Hesitancy in Frontline Nursing Home Staff: A podcast with Sarah Berry, Kimberly Johnson, and David Gifford
  26. Ageism + COVID19 = Elder Genocide: Podcast on nursing homes with Mike Wasserman

Lastly, some important geriatrics and palliative care links on COVID: