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Here are some of our favorite video's created by Alex and Eric from our Youtube Channel.


 And if you want to see them individually, check them out below:

  • Thickened Liquid Challenge
    • Montage of people taking the #ThickenedLiquidChallenge​.  We clinicians prescribe thickened liquids to patients with difficulty swallowing all the time.  But what is it like to drink thickened liquids?
  • Why You Should Never Mix Miralax (PEG) with Starch Based Thickend Liquids
    • From our brief and unscientific poll of colleagues, most of us are unaware of a critical interaction between these starch based thickeners and the commonly used constipation medication, polyethylene glycol (PEG) which is otherwise known as Miralax. What happens when you mix PEG into these starch thickened beverages?
  • Super Happy Fun Time Updates in Geriatrics Sing Along
    • Here is the sing along songs from the “Super Happy Fun Time Updates in Geriatrics Sing Along” at the annual American Geriatrics Society (AGS) 2019 meeting.   We reviewed 10 articles and Alex will led everyone in a little song (and dance). 


  • GeriPal Taste Test: 
    • Colace solution anyone?  Here is a short taste test of the very best liquid bowel meds.
  • Opioid Dysmotility Dance 
    • In this video, an anonymous GeriPal contributor wearing a local disguise (Fear the Beard!) imitates the effects of opioids and laxatives on everyone's favorite organ, the colon.

  • Take out the trash:
    • What happens when you use expert communcation techniques at home including "Ask-Tell-Ask," NURSE (Naming-Understanding-Respecting-Supporting-Exploring), and the "teach back" method.